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Pair 18

Into The Groove

I was recently asked to test knit a pair of socks and I finished them yesterday.

The pattern is called ‘Into The Groove’ and was written by Knittingtastic on twitter.

The yarn is ‘Hollowgast’ in Flockly by The Skein Queen.


A few FO’s

I have been woefully negligent about updating my blog lately and I have a few finished bits to show you.

Gale Socks

Here are Gale Socks – a nice knit, but I had to do a lot of fudging to make the damn things fit as the cables made them […]


I must admit, I’m starting to struggle with this sock challenge.

Oh, don’t get me wrong! I am still loving socks and want to knit the 300+ in my queue, but I miss spinning…..and knitting lace shawls…….and big chunky sweaters!

I don’t have time to do ANY of these; […]

Pair 13

I knew these socks were going to be quick to make, especially when I decided to use a slightly thicker sock yarn to make them out of!


The pattern and the yarn went together a lot better than I initially thought it would and I think they look great!


Pair 12

I finished these a couple of days ago, but lack of enthusiasm about them meant I was blasé about posting about them!


There’s nothing wrong with them (exceept for being tight over the instep), it’s a nice pattern. The yarn is lovely too – I just don’t think they’re a good combination; the […]

Pair 11


Finished pair 11 last night, I liked these they were quick to knit which was a good thing as I didn’t think to try them on until I was almost down to the heel.

They’d knit up rather tight so I had to undo the lot and restart.

Pair 10

I tried to make these socks last year in Italy, but the yarn didn’t go and it was hard trying to juggle the book on my lap.

Now I have Sock Innovation on my iPad which makes things MUCH easier!


Bex by Cookie A

Believe it or not; I actually got BORED with […]

Pair 9


I liked this pattern and I loved the squishy merino sock yarn!

Pattern: Absinthe

Yarn: Gifted to me from a Ravelry member

Pair 8

I’ve been plowing along with the socks and actually managed to get four days ahead of schedule!

These were the mystery sock for the Solid Socks group.



Pattern: Galileo

Yarn: Bambino in Petrolhead


Fab pattern, interesting enough to not get bored, but not so complicated I couldn’t watch Star […]

Pair 7

I finished pair 7. They came out really soft and squishy! I love them!


Pattern: Devon

Yarn: Regia 6 ply sock


I was quite surprised as everyone else who has used this yarn used bigger needles and a smaller needle count – mine were knit up using the same as I […]