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A bit of what I’ve been doing lately

Right, so where are we…..

I guess the first thing is; the eggs didn’t survive – I don’t know whether they were duds to start with, or whether my handling killed them. But they all shrivelled up within a week of me moving them.

I recently got to be a part of a monumental secret. If you have ever attended Woolfest or Wonderwool; you are bound to know Amber and Bob – affectionately referred to as The Mogs.

Amber decided several months ago that she wanted to do something huge for Bobs birthday this year and boy, did she go huge!

Everyone got involved; Ravelry, twitter and Facebook were all abuzz about it.  We spent a weekend at Woolfest terrified someone would slip and mention it, but he didn’t have a clue!

Amber told him that Claire and I would be staying with them over the weekend as his birthday was coming up and Terrie would also be joining us as she was taking a weekend break.

He knew something was up, but had no idea what exactly.

We said that on the Sunday we would be going to a small craft fair to support Damaris and Janice who would have a stall there.

That was a lie – oh, there was a craft fair, but it wasn’t a village fair, it was:


Yes, Amber had arranged Bob’s very own version of Woolfest!

It was a fab day, Bob made a good dent in the stock Freyalyn had bought, as well as buying from several other stall holders.

We auctioned off all the bunting – I got to run the auction, it was great fun and we made £340+ on the bunting alone! All in all, with the sale of books, magazines (my entire stash included), yarn and fibre – we raised nearly £600 for the local air ambulance and the local hospice!


If you’d like to see the photos, my photo set is here and Janice’s husbands is here.  As you can see, we all had a fabulous time!

Then I got asked by Bob to secretly order a nano trindle for Amber’s birhday which was a fortnight or so later! I immediately sent a message off detailing what I wanted and who it was for!

There was a mild panic when Amber ordered a nano herself the day after her birthday present had been shipped, but Kat immediately e-mailed and asked if they should ‘delay’ shipment of her order until her birthday present had been received and they had heard from her.

The trindle duly arrived and I immediately sent it on without even checking it – but they were away on holiday! I had to sit and keep my mouth shut for another week until they got home.

Then I got a lovely text from Amber thanking me profusely for my conspiracy with Bob lol.

I am keeping another secret – but I can’t tell you what it is until after tomorrow!

I also got to visit The Threshing Barn on our way up to Mogfest, that was lovely and if you ever get the chance; go! Janet is a fabulous hostess and the place is beautiful!

Reversible Bag

I finished Jess’ bag – it took me about a month, but I FINALLY finished it! I put it in the machine on a ‘quick wash’ it only slightly felted, but before I could do anything about it; she ran off with it!

At the end of the day, Jess came back and the bag had stretched down to her knees LOL so I wrestled it off her and put it back on a regular 60 degree wash.

It worked well and Jess is really pleased with it!

I have to make another one for me – in black and teal and then I have to make a bag, with penguins instead of skulls, for Vicky!

The cool thing about this bag is it is totally reversible! I also managed to play with Excel to chart Jess’ name for the end of the handle and a ‘J’ on the other end, I felt rather proud of myself for that LOL

I have been spinning up a storm, I bought some gorgeous fibre from Marianne at Fibre East – a blend of BFL and Kid Mohair – in blues and greens.  I bought 200g and started spinning once the Tour de Fleece was over.

Fine spinning!

It spins FINE!! Very very fine and it took ages!

I finally finished the singles on Wednesday night and I am just giving the singles a chance to rest – as well as my knees – before plying it next week!

I am currently knitting a cap shawl with the Shetland/Merino 3ply yarn I spun during the Tour – a very easy pattern that looks stunning in handspun!

Speaking of sport….I didn’t watch the Tour; cycling didn’t really interest me. I spend the three weeks of the Tour spinning while watching TV or reading. I did the same this year.

But, immediately after the Tour, the Olympics started and I – like the rest of Great Britain – suddenly got caught up in sporting fever! I found myself screaming at the TV while Bradley Wiggins cycled the road race, crying at medal ceramonies, flinching at crashes, bumps and bruises and loving every minute of it!

We watched the cycling, the equine three day event and the gymnastics – oh the gymnastics were amazing!

Then, once all that was finished, we got to watch the Paralympics too!

I thought the Olympians were fab, but they haven’t got anything against the Paralympians – those people are incredible!  They have overcome horrendous disabilities (whether through a fact of birth or a terrible accident) and fought against others for medals.

I spent 17 days glued to Murderball, wheelchair basketball and swimming and it was all fab!

After that was all over we got to see the Victory Parade through London – and if all that didn’t bring a tear to your eye; there’s something wrong with you!

What have you been up to?

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