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3 Weeks Worth in one

Well, you just knew I wasn’t going to post, didn’t you!

So, let’s get down to it!

Week 35

Week 35, not a lot happened really, but it was a good week.

I worked the bank holiday Monday – we decided to open to see how it would go. It was very quiet really and wasn’t really worth our opening up, I said it was because we hadn’t advertised. I might suggest we do a 10% sale next bank holiday or something.

HE came in again. We had another chat and he said he’d been out at the weekend, I said I hadn’t been out in ages and I’d forgotten what ‘fun’ was like, he said he should take my number….so I gave it to him!

Naturally, I haven’t heard from him or seen him since!

On the Wednesday, Alex had a college interview. They decided he should do English and Maths GCSE, BTEC ICT and BTEC Support Skills. He was very pleased with how it went.

I worked Friday and Saturday and on Saturday night I went out with Sara. We went to this pub in Portswood and watched a show called Talking Bollocks – it’s like the male version of the Vagina Monologues and there were basically this group of guys talking about their penises, masturbations, losing their virginity and what life with a penis was like.

It was absolutely hysterical!


Week 36

Week 36 of Monday started early as I had someone come out to look at my boiler as my radiators kept heating up even though the heating has been off – turns out the thermostat for the water was too high so the boiler was syphoning off via the heating pipes so it didn’t explode.

Then I saw a GP about my knees being sore still. He said I need to keep resting them. I then mentioned that I don’t sleep well due to my back and he told me I need to lose weight – obviously, the fact that I’ve had back pain since I was a size 8 is irrelevant!

I ordered Kyle’s birthday presents.

I ordered some more cables for my knitting needles and posted some parcels off.

Alex had an appointment at the hospital on Thursday…..what’s the male version of gynaecology? Anyway, he’s being referred for a circumcision.

I worked Friday and on Saturday, Dawn picked me up and we went to the New Forest for a spinning rally.

Ready To Go

It was loads of fun.

I was all ready to go very early, my miniSpinner was packed in it’s little purple bag and I had my TARDIS project bag in case I decided to do some knitting.

I also took a huge amount of fibre for the ‘Fibre Table’ – which I wasn’t very impressed by. I took about £70-£80 worth of fibre and there were a couple of hand made project bags and raw fleece to trade it with. But the rule was ‘once the fibre is down, it’s down’ so all I could take was the project bags. Wish I’d gone back and picked up the rest of my fibre actually as I’m now about £50 out of pocket.

Spinning in the sun

The day started out very well, very bright and sunny. We sat in a huge circle and chatted away enjoying the sunshine (even though I’m still peeling from getting sunburnt at Jack Up The 80’s!)

Donnas CPW with some of the fleece

Everyone was having a lovely day, there was combing demonstrations going on, Donna had bought her carder and there were loads of different types of spinning wheels. Traditionals, two metal Frank Herrings, a Majacraft Suzi, a Schacht Matchless, a Schacht Reeves, a CPW, my Hansen, a Ladybug, a Joy or two.

A really good selection!

Then a local farmer turned up with a LOT of fleece for us to purchase if we wanted it.

I didn’t buy any as I really can’t be bothered with the prep, but a lot of it sold – they got a good bargain too as it was all shearling fleece!

The smokers section as the sun came out

The weather didn’t stay lovely, unfortunately. But we had marquees to shelter under when the thunderstorm hit, which hit with a vengeance!

A good thing Sue’s RV has an awning as we wouldn’t have got all of us underneath the marquees and still been able to spin.

Unfortunately, the cold and damp caused Dawn to cough so she wanted to leave around 5pm.

We’re already talking about doing it again next year and Eve has said I can borrow a small tent she has so I can stay next time – I’ve just got to work out a lift now!


Week 37

Week 37 has been the first week of college for Alex.

He wasn’t at all nervous until Sammie showed him some of her maths work – she’s 14 and in America. He had a panic attack as it looked too hard and declared that the college were going to throw him out for being stupid, he got very upset!

He had his induction day on Monday – he had to get up at 6am to get the bus at 8am and didn’t get home until 6pm. I blitzed the house and tried to stay busy while I worried about him.

I went to meet him from the bus stop, he looked shattered!

He said he had had a couple of small panic attacks through the day, the first during a meet and greet assembly where they packed approximately 600 students into the hall and the other when he saw his timetable.

They wanted him in every single day and three of those days were for the whole day! He was rather freaked about that and after the induction day we discussed it and he decided to drop the BTEC course as it’s just too much with the GCSE too.

He’s still in for four days, but only for a few hours maximum per session.

He’s now finished that first week, had a maths assessment (he got 50%) and is feeling much more relaxed about it. He has his bus pass, has found the smoking areas and has started talking to people.

I had physio on Wednesday – he’s given me some stretches to do to try and sort the problems out in my feet and legs and said I need to keep resting as well.

I’ve worked Thursday and Friday of this week and I’m literally out the door to work today – just trying to squeeze this post in!

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